Remembering The Enigma That Was Andy Warhol

When it comes to artistic expression in 20th century America, very few names are as mentioned as Andy Warhol’s. He led pop art, which was a visual art movement in the mid-20th century, and came up with pieces that depict the links between celebrities, advertising, and artistic expression. This movement was at its peak in the 60s.


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Warhol’s career took off when he became a commercial illustrator. He became famous, but he also, like countless artists before him, became a figure of controversy. Warhol did many things when it came to his art. He drew by hand, painted, printed, photographed, sculpted, directed movies, and even wrote songs, among others.

He called his art studio The Factory. It was very popular to people of different artistic inclinations. The Factory was often the destination of choice of well-known intellectuals, writers, drag queens, people from the Bohemian movement, Hollywood celebs, and many more.

One of his sideline works included managing the punk rock trailblazing band, The Velvet Underground. He also set up Interview magazine and wrote many books.

Warhol was also openly gay, and he was at a time society didn’t accept it.


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Today, his influence is felt in almost every facet of artistic America. From exhibits, to books, to movies and documentaries, Andy Warhol and his legacy endures. He even has a museum named after him in his home town of Pittsburgh.

Mark Borghi is an art enthusiast and dealer, founding galleries in New York, Bridgehampton, and Palm Springs. For more on his galleries, check out this page.


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